Music Playlists

I want to encourage you to start listening to new music, not the same old stuff you hear every day on the radio, in shops and on tv. I’m making playlists covering different genres of music, to give you a taste of great songs across a range of styles. 

These songs will give you new ideas for what you might like to learn, play and perform – things that are different and exciting, not just the done-to-death covers that everyone else is doing. I hope these playlists will inspire you and help you become a wonderfully diverse and exciting musician.

Have a good listen, notice what you like, what you hate, what grows on you over time, and what gets stuck in your head. Have fun with it! Write down your favourite songs from each list, and maybe put all your favourites together into a new playlist, then share them with me! 

Dear parents…

The best way for kids to learn new music and fall in love with it is to listen to it often. One simple way is to immerse them in varied music is by playing these playlists to them in the car, during weekend breakfasts or after dinner, anywhere you’d normally listen to music together. 

Introduction to Indie Folk

Awesome Country Tunes

Music Sheet PDFs

Here’s a handy, printable free blank guitar tab pdf you can use to write out chords, riffs and solos.

Extra Videos

Here are some external resources I want to share with you to inspire you and get you thinking about how easy and fun music can be. 

Apps + Games

Vocalist Lite is a great app for honing your singing skills. The Lite version has some simple singing games and also voice tuner (where you can see if you’re singing the notes in the right spot). Singing in tune is something that takes time. Don’t worry if you’re not perfect, the voice is just like any instrument. Just enjoy yourself!