How to Strum a Guitar


Welcome to the next lesson in our free online guitar lesson series. If you missed the previous lesson you can head back. Otherwise, take a comfortable seat and let me show you how to strum your guitar properly.

Lesson #6: How to Strum a Guitar

How to strum a guitar with ease

Once you’ve learnt how to hold a pick, you can learn to strum a guitar properly. I don’t recommend learning to strum without a pick, because it’ll severely limit your skill development further down the road. Strumming with a pick means you’ll always be in control of your volume and, not too long from now, you’ll be able to create some excellent strumming rhythms that really drive songs along.

So for now, remember that you want your pick grip to be medium as you strum down the strings – not too hard or you’ll get stuck on each string and make icky, rigid noises, and not too soft or you won’t be able to hear it (and you’ll drop the pick in the middle of songs.. boo!)

You want to strum over the sound hole of the guitar, not up the neck or over the frets. For now, just focus on getting a nice, flowing strum in a downwards direction. Later on you’ll be strumming up and down and all kinds of variations to make cool strumming patterns, but for now, let’s get this simple down strum sounding suh-weeet.

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