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Hi, I’m Fidel. I’m the local guitar teacher here on Kangaroo Island. Here you’ll find information about my music school and how my private guitar lessons work.

I’ve been a professional music teacher for over 25 years, working with adults and children of all skill levels.

The interactive music teaching program I’m offering here on KI is revolutionary – combining private lessons with group workshops and performance opportunities.

Here’s how it works:

Learning Program

The Kangaroo Island music program offers students the most effective blend of learning opportunities. 

Last year, I introduced mixed lessons, workshopsjam sessions, and a new online learning curriculum to support the private lessons.

These changes proved to be phenomenal for the development of music students. After each interactive session, students were more self-motivated, enthusiastic and confident. They achieved remarkable skill development and easily overcame learning hurdles.

This hybrid-learning structure is far more effective than the traditional private lesson model.

I’m 25 now and still love playing

Fidel started me on my journey of playing and writing music. He encouraged me to learn songs that I really loved and (more technical) songs that I never would’ve attempted on my own. Every session started with him asking me what I wanted to work on, which was everything from songwriting, to developing my performance skills. He also helped me arrange my first gig when I was 16! I’m 25 now and still love playing and writing, and still use the skills and confidence Fidel helped me develop from the start.

Emma Hurley


Curriculum Inclusions

The Learning Program consists of four terms per year, made up of eight varied and stimulating lessons per term. 

Private Lessons

The majority of term lessons are one-on-one private lessons with me. In each session, I help students fine-tune their developing skills, correct mistakes and gain confidence in new techniques.

Group Lessons

Group lessons are a powerful tool for strengthening musical and social skill development in my students. These lessons may take the form of full ensemble group sessions or mini-breakout sessions with smaller groups of my students.

Masterclasses + Workshops

I am thrilled to be able to offer specialist masterclasses in a range of music topics tailored to the developing talents and capabilities of my students. Previous sessions have included Dynamic Performance Skills, Guitar Making Demonstrations and Using Amplification + Stage Equipment. Future sessions may include topics such as Musicality, Stagecraft, Instrument Care + String Changing, Performing as an Ensemble, String Instrument Showcases, Songwriting, Band Presentation and Promotion. 

Performance Opportunities

It saddens me that music students are offered so few real-world opportunities to perform and hone their skills. As part of my learning program, I’ll be providing students with supported opportunities to perform in public. This may take the form of acoustic street busking, market performances, gallery exhibition openings, house concerts, and pubic jam sessions which all friends and family are most welcome to attend. 

Online Learning Resources

Kangaroo Island music students will also have access to my online guitar resources including video lessons, song tutorials, warmups, vocal exercises  and ear training exercises designed to keep students learning and growing outside of scheduled class time. 

Kangaroo Island guitar lesson student
Guitar lessons student KI

2024 Term Dates

Each music term consists of eight lessons, beginning on the second week of the school term – this gives younger students the opportunity to settle back into school before commencing music lessons. The music term dates are as follows:

Week 1 starts 5-2-24

Week 1 starts 6-5-24

Week 1 starts 29-7-24

Week 1 starts 21-10-24


Please contact me directly on 0437 856 403 for current availability.
When enrolments are at capacity, I keep a waitlist for students ready to join in the next term.

I am as passionate as ever..

Fidel is a fantastic teacher who I learnt an incredible amount from and has helped grow my passion for playing guitar. Each of the lessons were balanced to meet my interests and the songs/styles I wanted to play but also teach me important aspects of guitar playing which over time have improved my playing and understanding immensely. Since having lessons with Fidel I have continued to enjoy playing the guitar every day, playing live and I am as passionate as ever about it. I attribute the skills, knowledge and curiosity that make playing the guitar so enjoyable to my lessons with Fidel and I couldn’t recommend his teaching more highly!

Ben Considine

Ocean Grove, Victoria



Do I need to have played before?
Not at all. I teach absolute beginners right up to advanced students.

My kid doesn’t do well with theory, is it still worthwhile?
Definitely. My teaching style works wonders for not-so-academic, practical and kinesthetic kids. No theory required.

Can I book a one-off lesson?
I don’t offer that, but you can book a single term rather than commit to a full year. 

My child is younger than 10. Can you teach them?
It depends. I do teach children as young as 8 if they’re particularly mature, committed and self-motivated.

Do you teach adults?
Absolutely. My oldest current student is 77.



Use the contact form below to get in touch with me or call me on 0437 856 403.

Music Program Reviews

"Fidel has been a wonderful guitar teacher for my children. He has made it fun, encouraging and instilling in them a love of music that has made them want to continue to play throughout their teenage years."
Guitar lessons testimonial kangaroo island
Melanie Mullen
Highton, Victoria
"Fidel was so perfect for Luka and gave her that base to learn and fall in love with playing!!."
Jessica Lesosky
Anglesea, Victoria
"Fidel made learning so much fun. My teenagers took the opportunity to soak up all Fidel offered and they always look forward to learning more from him. He is a fun, lighthearted, patient, encouraging teacher."
testimonial for lessons with Fidel Monk on KI
Jodie Cawood
Albury, NSW
"In our most recent work together Fidel facilitated a music clinic for indigenous primary students. His expertise affords him competence with small and large groups and musicians of all capacities. He is professional, courteous, and passionate about ensuring students enjoy music and develop practical skills from his workshops."
Tom Noonan
Cobargo, NSW
"Fidel is such an amazing teacher. He taught Tristan so much about guitar, but also about loving music and helped him develop joy and confidence in himself and in his playing. It was a random decision I made to get lessons for Tristan and I'm so glad I did. ."
Nat Thompson
Point Lonsdale
"What I really like about Fidel is he’s not just teaching my son how to play the guitar, he’s teaching him how to be a musician. Fidel includes singing, group jam sessions, & guitar making workshops. We highly recommend Fidel for any person who wants to learn guitar, especially children."
online guitar course testimonial
Rebecca Guidera
Parndarna, South Australia